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Concept Design | New Build Infill Hackney House

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

This project involves the demolition and replacement of existing under utilised garage buildings to the rear of an apartment block, with a new build infill 3 bedroom house.

The design of this new build house had to be carefully considered to overcome a number difficult constraints due to the sites urban location and tight size. The site fronts on to a busy London road and is heavily overlooked. To ensure the dwelling provides a high level of daylight, outlook and privacy, 2no internal courtyards have been provided to the front and rear of the property, and windows have been strategically located on the external elevations. The courtyards provide both external private amenity space and the opportunity for generous window openings. To ensure the centre of the dwelling feels bright and airy, a number of rooflights have provided to the flat roof, to allow light to filter down through the heart of the house.

The living areas to the house have been positioned at first floor level, as this level provides the greatest opportunity for outlook and sunlight. Whilst the bedrooms have been located at ground floor level, which offers a more cosy and private setting.

To ensure the dwelling is not overbearing to the garden spaces of neighbouring properties, vertical green growing walls have been introduced to certain locations on the elevations. Also, as the house will be overlooked by other taller properties, a green roof has been included as part of the design.

To the front of the property a cycle and bin store have been included, which can be easily access from the street.


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