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Windmill Hill Apartments

Location: Enfield

Type: Residential

Stage: Planning

Brief: Residential development for 49x new apartments

Site Plan_3.jpg

This project allowed for a new residential development for 49 units. The development is to be shared between 3x new buildings (A+B+C). Two of the residential buildings, B and C, are located at the centre and northern end of the site respectively with building A sitting to the southern section of the site, fronting onto the main street. As a result, buildings B and C will be somewhat concealed from street view, therefore having a minimal impact on the existing streetscape. Building A, fronting on to Windmill Hill has been carefully considered, allowing for a stepped front elevation to sit in line with the main shop frontage streetscape to the east and the mainly residential properties to the west, to ensure the street line is maintained, while not becoming overbearing to the neighbouring residential properties. The main historic character of the area is defined by the terraced three storey period properties, that run along a long stretch of the street to the east of the site. This is the most prevalent building style in the area and the design proposals for building A, seek to mimic the traditional style of these period street fronts in a more contemporary manner. The proposal provides a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments, along with a generous amount of landscaped outdoor space for residents.

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