Copper Accent House

Location: Leyton

Type: Residential

Stage: Complete

Brief: Infill Extension and Refurbishment

Our client came to us requesting to replace an existing extension and carry out a full refurbishment of their existing period property in East London. The brief was to breathe as much natural light and airiness into the existing property as possible. The original layout to the rear of the existing property was confined to small rooms with an internal dining space, with no windows, natural light or ventilation, resulting in the kitchen and dining spaces to the rear of the property being mainly in darkness throughout the day. This was exacerbated by the orientation of the existing property (with the rear of the property facing northwest) along with the existing small window openings to the rear. We developed a design that allowed for the rear kitchen/dining space to be completely opened up and orientated towards the light. The new side extension allowed us the opportunity to install a unique corner window and full height windows along the length of the side elevation facing towards the south. Along with these windows, we allowed for installation of three new roof windows to be installed to the side extension, to optimise this light from the south entering the space, to ensure light would penetrate the space throughout most of the day. To the upper floor, the installation of a new roof window over the stairs, has allowed for a huge amount of light to penetrate into the darkest areas of the property along with allowing for ventilation as required throughout the year.