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Mantra Capital Office

Location: Blackfriars Road, Southwark

Type: Commercial/Retail

Stage: Complete

Brief: Complete fit-out, including lowering of basement floor level

Contemporary Basement Office Space
Modern office with frameless glass
Contemporary office with sliding doors

The brief for this project was to transform a dark and out dated ground floor corner shop into a light filled open plan office/retail space that encouraged interaction amongst employees and customers.

Part of the project also included utilising the existing basement, which had low ceilings and had previously been used for mainly storage. This involved lowering the basement slab and leaving the existing ceiling structure exposed so to create as much head space as possible. Structural openings and rooflights were introduced to the basement ceiling to allow light from the new large glazing elements at ground floor to filter down, to ensure the basement space felt comfortable for staff members. The parts of the basement were it was not possible to bring natural light in to were used as store/plant rooms and WC's.

Throughout both levels, large glazing panels were installed to allow natural light to penetrate deep into the premises, as well as create a visual connection between spaces and people. Bright and neutral toned materials and finishes were specified to create a comfortable and healthy works space fit for purpose.

Modern design meeting room London
Modern office elevation Blackfriars Road
Modern office fit out ground floor plan
Modern office fit out basement plan
Internal rooflight in modern office
Contemporary london office with corner sofa
Mantra Capital office Blackfriars Road
Mantra Capital office Blackfriars Road
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