Victoria Mutual

Location: Brixton Road, Brixton

Type: Commercial/Retail

Stage: Complete

Brief: Fit-out

Modern ceiling timber cladding

This project involved a complete refurbishment of Victoria Mutual's premises on Brixton Road. The space is located within the ground floor of an existing four storey terrace property on a busy commercial street, within a Conservation Area.


As the premises are located in a terrace property, only the front and rear of the property were open to the exterior, which meant scope for natural light was limited. The challenge for this fit out, was to make an existing dark space feel more light, not only to enhance the customers experience, but to ensure the well being of the employees who would be spending a significant amount of time in the space. This was achieved by maximising the external glazing to the front and rear, and through the use of transparent glazed partitions, bright and light coloured surface finishes/materials, and clever lighting features.

The other main challenge this project posed was how people would circulate through this long narrow space. We wanted to avoid a long narrow dark corridor which spanned the depth of the property, so we designed a corridor that expanded and contracted as people travelled through it. Where the corridor expanded, comfortable chairs and greenery were located in these spaces, so they became small waiting areas for customers. Where the corridors contracted, storage areas where incorporated. This not only enhanced the experience of the corridor for people, but also made it multi-functional, which freed up space elsewhere for other required uses.


Modern office Brixton
Victoria Mutual Brixton Refurbishment